Free-market health care doesn't work

Columbus Dispatch - March 31, 2009

The Dispatch March 24 noted that one in five U.S. workers are uninsured. We are the only industrialized nation that does not cover every single person. The U.S. system costs two to three times as much per capita as that of other nations. The reason for these dismal facts? The U.S. is the only advanced nation that holds the immoral ideology that healthcare is a free-market commodity, to be reserved for those who can ante up the cash.

The solution is single payer universal healthcare, embodied in H.R. 676, supported by almost 100 federal legislators as well as 59% of all physicians, over 60% of the public. Single payer is opposed by the same Republican free-market ideologues who brought us the current economic disaster.

The free market for plasma screen televisions, bigger SUVs, Prada clothing is OK. The free market for healthcare is a failure.

Brad Cotton, MD
   Emergency Physician