"Eyes Wide Open-Healthcare"


(  The EWO-Healthcare Exhibit at the Pickaway County Courthouse, September 13-15, 2013  )

The heart of the "Eyes Wide Open-Healthcare" exhibit consists of 330 crosses and 30 posts with other faith symbols.
8 of these crosses/symbols are mounted on each 8-foot-long split rail (somewhat less bulky than a 2X4).

There are 45 of these split rails (45 X 8 =360).

Although in this exhibit the rails were far enough apart that one could walk between them,

the minimum space for separating the rails would probably be one foot.
THUS the minimum square feet of space required for this exhibit would be 8 feet by 45 feet, or 16 X 23 or 32 X 12 or other combination.

We set up/took down the entire exhibit with 3 persons, some of whom were physically limited. -- However, it would be better to have at least 4.

We did not have anyone stay with the exhibit overnight.

-- Rain is NOT a concern (as it was with our Eyes Wide Open boots exhibits for the Iraq/Afghan War.)

Several more photos of the September 13-15, 2013 exhibit may be seen at

 www. circlevillefriendsworshipgroup .org/healthcare_exhibit_gallery.htm

For further information about use of the exhibit by your organization, church, or Meeting,

please email Brad at roundtownquaker @hotmail.com